4th of July | Sip in Style | Sassy Strawberries

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Need an easy dessert for your 4th of July festivities? 

Our Sassy Strawberries may be the perfect choice! 

Soaked in Champagne overnight, these strawberries not only 

look cute but taste so good! 

Start by rinsing your strawberries in the sink 

Place your strawberries into a jar and fill with champagne to place in refrigerator overnight

After soaking your strawberries overnight pat them dry to prep for dipping in chocolate 

Melt your chips over low heat 
(We also prepped milk chocolate for the kids) 

Dip your strawberries in chocolate and allow 15-20 seconds to pass before dipping into your sprinkles. This will allow the chocolate to thicken a bit but don't wait too long or the sprinkles will not stick.

All finished! Enjoy! 

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