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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2014 was the year of the chop, and everyone from Lauren Conrad to Kim Kardashian was doing it.


The long bob, often referred to as "the Lob" was seen all over the red carpet and in various celebrity street style as a fresh, edgy take on a previous traditional cut.

Now in 2015, the lob is transitioning into what we call "the Swag."  While hair is still shorter, It Girls are beginning to grow out the chop the littlest bit. 

To create this edgy look, hair should appear messier and more tousled. Multiple layers create volume and give hair the body and texture to master the trend.

Popsugar quotes celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brooke who says, "It's a modern take on the shag haircut. Most shags look like Christmas trees ---- they're not very flattering. So we're swagging it up."

This month's InStyle is calling the chop the "It Cut" of the year. InStyle suggests the length of the long bob should hang somewhere between your chin and collarbone. They suggest that hair is slightly (and by slightly, we mean very slightly) shorter in the back and longer in the front. However, this contrast should not be noticeable. 


Luckily for this trend, bedhead never looked so good. It's important to keep the look effortless, a simple "lived in" look makes the cut modern. Along with texturizing through loose waves, ends should be asymmetrical and blended to give off an effortless vibe. The look is to definitely not appear as if you have put any effort into your perfectly tousled hair.

So put down your straightener and don't be afraid to chop off a few extra inches on your next visit to the salon. You will be right in style with no effort at all! 

As always, stay sassy! 


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